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24*7 Emerengency Facilities

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Free Investigations For BPL/ANC

Operation Theatre

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Health Care Services



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Chairman's Message
"This is India's moment in medical history. We have built an institution which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery worldwide.
Professor S.M. Casshyap
Rajbhra Medicare
Caring Hands & Caring Hearts Forever
Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified rural Healthcare company for the last 10 years, having commenced rural health care operations in 2001 by way of operating Mobile Medical Clinics in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttarakhand. In 2013, Rajbhra Medicare Private Limited diversified into rural hospitals and commenced commercial operations of Uttrakhand Government outsourced four 30 bedded Community Health Centers.

Walk For Life Event

" Come and Join us in Walk For Life Sharp at 21 october 2014 : 7am at Gandhi Park."

"Our Respected Guests for Walk For Life Event. "

" winners of Walk For Life."

" The walk for life was a great success "



22-11-14 Match
-1st Naugaon Alligators Vs Raipur Rhinos –Naugaon Alligators defeated Raipur bulls from 13 points.
22-11-14 Match
-2nd Sahiya Sharks Vs Thature Tigers - Sahiya Sharks Defeated Thature Tigers from 15 points.
23-11-14 Match
-3rd Raipur Rhinos Vs Thatue Tigers- Raipur Rhinos Defeated Thatue Tigers with 12 points.
30-11-14 Match
-4th Raipur Rhinos Vs Sahiya Sharks –Raipur Rhinos defeated Sahiya Sharks with 10 points.
7-11-14 Match
-5 Naugaon Aligators Vs Dehradun Lions –Naugaon Aligators Defeated Dehradun lions 9 points.
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